I am so excited to announce that Fear-Free Food: How To Ditch Dieting and Fall Back In Love With Food is OUT NOW!!

Twelve years ago I thought this book was impossible. I thought there was no way out. Sometimes I doubted whether I would even make it through my teens. And the idea that I would ever be free enough and confident enough to write about was just too much to imagine.

That’s what eating disorders do to you. They make you believe that you are trapped. Worthless. That you take up too much space. That you need to eat less and workout harder and get smaller and smaller and smaller.

So the fact that this book exists is proof that eating disorders lie. That diet culture lies. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life restricting your food and worrying about your weight and trying to control the size and shape of your body.

Freedom does exist. And not just the kind of freedom where you look healthy on the outside but live with an underlying anxiety about food your body occupying every waking moment (lots of people with disordered eating look healthy on the outside). And not just the kind of freedom that is often promoted by the diet industry but still encourages food phobias and restrictive eating. I’m talking about the kind of freedom where you trust your appetite, practice peace with your body, and use your relationship with food to deepen your relationship with the world. The kind of freedom that’s based on nourishment and compassion and love.

It was through cooking and baking that I found freedom from disordered eating and chronic dieting. So I wanted to create a book to help other people do the same. And Fear-Free Food is it!

It’s aim is pretty simple: To convince anyone who is currently trapped in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and self-hate that there is another option – a gentler and kinder alternative. And through nutrition knowledge, eating psychology exercises, and oodles of nourishing recipes, to provide you with a path to fall back in love with food, with your body, and with life.

This book is for anyone who wants to eat with less fear and more freedom.

And it is packed full of nutritious and delicious recipes to help you do just that. I think my favourite recipe has to be the Chocolate Falafel but the Fear-Free Full English comes a close second (along with the Halloumi, Butternut Squash and Quinoa Salad, Coconut and Aubergine Dhal, Lemon and Almond Olive Oil Cake and Carrot Cake Cookies!!).

You can get the cookbook on Amazon, Bloomsbury Publishing, Waterstones, WHSmiths and in most good book shops.

And you can read a sample over on Google Books!