Because dieting and food obsession are so prevalent in society, eating disorders often go by unnoticed. This means those suffering don’t get the support they need until things hit crisis point.

The SCOFF Questionnaire is a simple evidence-based screening tool consisting of five questions. If you are professional working with clients (nutritionist, dietician, therapist, counsellor, personal trainer…) and your client is showing some disordered eating tendencies then it is a helpful tool to give you an idea as to the extent of their struggle and whether you need to refer on.

The questionnaire is also helpful for starting a conversation with someone you love who you are concerned may be struggling with food, weight and body issues.

And if you are concerned that your own relationship with food is unhealthy, it is a simple way of looking at any harmful thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food more objectively so you can seek support if needed.

The questionnaire itself focuses on giving an indication as to whether you, someone you love, or someone you work with may be going through anorexia or bulimia specifically. This means that even if you answer ‘no’ to all of these questions, there could still be an unhealthy relationship with food that needs to be addressed.

You can download a PDF version of the questionnaire for printing or emailing here: The Scoff Questionnaire


Other helpful tools are the Eating Behaviour Assessment Tool and the Orthorexia Self-Test.