Welcome! Imagine having a peaceful relationship with food. One which leaves you feeling healthy, happy, and full of life. No anxiety or guilt. No calorie counting or cutting out food groups. No wasting energy worrying about what to eat or striving for a perfect diet that doesn’t exist. Well that’s what Fear-Free Food is all about!

I’m Nicola , an evidenced-based nutritionist, intuitive eating counsellor, recipe creator and taste tester here at Fear-Free Food.

I created Fear-Free Food to show you how to break free from the toxic messages of diet culture, make peace with food and discover how to truly nourish yourself. This website is full of compassionate advice, mindset techniques and practical steps to help you trust your body and find food freedom as well as science-backed information dispelling widespread nutrition myths. And you’ll also find oodles of delicious recipes to reignite your passion for eating and help you fall back in love with food, your body and your life!


“Eat freely. Love fiercely. Live fearlessly.”

This is the philosophy of the Fear-Free Food in a nutshell. These six words are the short answer to the seemingly confusing questions of what, why and how we should eat in order to be as healthy and happy as we can.

Eating freely refers to eating in a nourishing and self-loving way, having freedom from self-imposed food rules and restrictions, letting go of guilt and fear around eating, and celebrating food as a way to add meaning to your life.

Loving fiercely is about loving and respecting your body enough to make food choices that nourish you and leave you feeling healthy and energised.

And living fearlessly represents how healing your relationship with food will empower you to become stronger and braver in other areas of your life.


Healthy eating doesn’t need to be fat-free, sugar-free or gluten-free. It needs to be fear-free and guilt-free.

Millions of us are slave to a diet culture where eating stresses us out and feeling guilt, confusion and anxiety around food is an everyday occurrence. We ‘eat clean’, avoid carbs, and eliminate ‘forbidden’ foods. We cut out sugar and gluten and dairy. We jump from one fad diet or lifestyle trend to the next in the search of the perfect diet in the hope it will give us the perfect body, perfect health, and perfect life. I’ve been down that path (anorexia, orthorexia, low carb, calorie counting, clean eating…) and trust me, it didn’t make me any healthier or happier. 

So Fear-Free Food is a new way of looking at healthy eating. It’s part of the ant-diet paradigm. It’s about replacing dieting and deprivation with nutrition and nourishment.  It’s about eating with less restriction and more freedom. It’s about rebuilding a healthy, fear-free relationship with food and giving you a bucket load of delicious recipes to reignite the fun, enjoyment, and excitement we can get from cooking eating.

It has the following aims:

  1. To give you the practical steps to build a fear-free relationship with food.
  2. To simplify nutrition and dispel widespread nutrition myths so you can choose foods that you know will nourish you.
  3. To inspire you with oodles of delicious recipes.

Fear-Free Food isn’t about telling you what you should or shouldn’t eat; instead, it’s about providing you with knowledge, tools and guidance so you can make your own food choices and begin to eat in way that works for you. I’m also going to give you the practical steps to break free from diet culture, as well as give you nutritious and delicious recipes and meal ideas so you can put this knowledge into action, experience the joy, connection, and excitement that food can bring to your life, and ultimately become healthier and happier.

You can read more about what Fear-Free Eating is here: What is Fear-Free Eating?