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Carrot Cake Banana Bread

Print Recipe Carrot Cake Banana Bread Comforting, moist and perfectly sweet, this recipe gives a twist to traditional banana bread. Course Bakes + Sweet Things Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 45 minutes Servings people Ingredients 3 ripe bananas (about 330g) mashed1/2 tsp vanilla extract3 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil, melted180 ml milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)3 tbsp maple syrup (30g)85 g brown sugar plus 1tbsp for sprinkling on the top100 g oat flour200 g all-purpose flour or gluten-free flour blend3 tsp baking powder1 tsp cinnamon3/4 tsp salt2 medium carrots, (about 150g) grated Course Bakes + Sweet...

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Chickpea and Carrot Kofta Kebabs

Print Recipe Chickpea and Carrot Kofta Kebabs Nourishing, wholesome and simple to make, these kebabs are a great weeknight staple as well as being perfect for BBQs! Course Mains Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 50 minutes Servings People Ingredients 40 g raisins40 9 dried apricots diced1 400g can chickpeas drained (235g drained weight)½ onion2 cloves garlic crushed2 medium carrots grated1 tsp garam masala1 tsp coriander powder½ tsp cinnamon½ tsp dried chilli flakes½ tsp bicarbonate of soda½ tsp lemon, juicesalt and pepper to season2-3 tbsp gram flour (chickpea flour) Course Mains Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 50 minutes...

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